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Oct 23 2013

Economic risks types and definition

+      We need to assess all possible risks that may have a negative impact to project before its implementation. Underestimating of certain risks could cause loss of profits or even complete failure of the project. We will talk how to define economic risks in this post.

Aug 07 2013

Investment and project risk assessment

+    Each investment project envisages investment of certain funds for profit. Many different factors can affect the performance of the investment project. Some factors can have a negative effect, through which the project could become unprofitable. Information about the risks of the project will be in today’s article.

Jun 06 2013

Effective demand analysis and planning

+    Demand determines supply, this statement we know from economic theory. Enterprises receive income and profits from the sale of their products, but sales volumes are directly dependent on the size of demand. The study of the competitive situation in the market and demand is one of the main objectives in the business plan. We …

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Mar 14 2013

Material costs definition, classification and planning

+      Some raw materials required for the manufacture of any product. Electricity, fuel and other material costs are also needed for production. Material costs constitute a considerable share in the total cost of production and their planning is an important task in the business planning process. Procedure and features of planning of material costs …

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Feb 17 2013

How to plan project personal and make staff management plan

+    There is one old saying that says that people decide all business. People produce goods, services, people engaged in trade and manage. That is why one of the main objectives in the business plan is the staff planning of the project, which is part of the organizational plan and management plan. Let’s focuses on …

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Dec 22 2012

How to plan company revenues

+ Every business aims to make a profit. Everyone knows that the amount of profit depend on two main parameters namely from the value of the revenue and value of expenses. It should be noted that the value of expenses plans is based on the expected amount of revenue in many cases. My first article …

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