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Jun 27 2018

About export/import administration regulation specificity and principles

+    There is a global economic system in the modern world. All countries, with few exceptions, play a role in this system. We will talk about the role of export and import administration regulation policy as a way of regulating of the international trade influence on a country’s internal economy.

Mar 14 2015

An economic cycle and cyclical theory

+      The economy of any country and the world economy in general are constantly changing. Economists have studied such changes over a long time and eventually came to the conclusion that these changes in the economy have certain tendencies. So the doctrine of economic cycles there was established taking into account such researches. Let’s …

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Feb 26 2015

Currency devaluation definition and types

+      Money is the main means of payment in the world. Each country (except some) has its own national money. The purchasing power of national money depends on their rate of foreign currencies. Let’s look at the impact of currency devaluation exchange rate on economy.