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Jul 04 2015

About remittance services and priority payment systems

+ Transfers of funds are quite interesting and topical issue, so today we continue our review, and consider our attention it a great area of transfer of funds through non-banking remittance services.

Jun 24 2015

What is a bank wire transfer (electronic funds transfer)

+    Everyone uses the money in his life probably every day. We are buying food, paying for various services, borrow money in debt and so on. Situations where you want to transfer money to another person occur frequently. Today we will talk about the features of the transfer of money in the modern economy.

Mar 15 2014

How to save money on cell phone bill and track your mobile

+    Most people can not imagine their life without a mobile phone. We can communicate with people actually from anywhere. However, the cost for mobile communication is a certain article of personal expenses of each person. Let’s look to some saving money tips which can help to know how to save money on the mobile …

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Aug 22 2013

Loan refinancing risk and benefits

+    Situations where we do not have enough money to buy expensive things or property occur frequently. Purchasing a house or apartment can be a prime example of such a situation. People get a bank loan to resolve such issues. These loans are long-term in most cases. We will talk about the possibility of changing …

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Jul 02 2013

Article about what is a personal loan

+      Many people use loans today. Someone takes a loan for buying a home, someone takes a loan to buy a car, and someone takes a loan for university studies. Different loans have different features and if you are not an expert it can be difficult to understand the specifics of the loan. We …

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Mar 04 2013

Personal finance planning process

+      Many people say that they do not have enough money for these or other needs. However, most of these people can not say exactly how much money they receive per month and how much money they spend. People know that they do not have money, but why are they not enough – do …

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