Mar 15 2014

How to save money on cell phone bill and track your mobile


   Most people can not imagine their life without a mobile phone. We can communicate with people actually from anywhere. However, the cost for mobile communication is a certain article of personal expenses of each person. Let’s look to some saving money tips which can help to know how to save money on the mobile communications and how to track your mobile.

There are two main schemes of mobile connection in most countries, the scheme of contract subscription (mobile deals) and prepaid plans.

Mobile deals involves signing of special contract for services. Under this contract the recipient must pay a regular subscription fee and other charges for the services.

Mobile prepaid plans provide services without signing. The subscriber uses the services within the paid amount of money.

It is necessary to examine the rates and conditions before you select a connection scheme.

The main advantages of a contract scheme are as follows:

  • Often contracted rates are more beneficial than prepaid.
  • Many mobile operators offer their prepaid mobile phones at a significant discount or for a nominal cost, although this phone often can only be used in the network of the operator.


The main advantages of a prepaid scheme are as follows:

  • No need to sign and assume any financial obligations.
  • No need to make regular payments and pay for services as needed.
  • The ability to stop at any time services using. At the same time can be bound by the terms of the service use over time in a contractual scheme.

We can recommend the following tips how to save money on your mobile cell phone:

  1. Regularly visit the website of your mobile network operator and study what fares and promotions are available for connecting. Cheaper rates appear quite often, so you need to control their presence. Mobile promotions, that are held quite regularly, will help to save significant funds.
  2. To connect online to account control system. Most operators allow you to use such a system. This will allow you to control your costs for mobile communications and manage them.
  3. Do not use the mobile Internet, if your phone has Wi-Fi support and Wi-Fi network is available.
  4. If you use a smartphone, you should definitely install antivirus on it, because there are a lot of viruses that are aimed at stealing money from your account, often completely invisible to you.
  5. If you regularly call abroad you have to ask the mobile operator about presence of special tariffs for this.
  6. Do not send SMS message and do not call for the so-called “short” numbers without prior consultation with the operator.

    These simple tips will help you to save from 5 to 30-40% of the money on your cell phone bill and, as a result, will give you significant financial benefits.

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    Thanks for such useful tips for money saving.

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    I think that a cell phone is a good possibility to save money.

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