Mar 15 2014

How to save money on cell phone bill and track your mobile


   Most people can not imagine their life without a mobile phone. We can communicate with people actually from anywhere. However, the cost for mobile communication is a certain article of personal expenses of each person. Let’s look to some saving money tips which can help to know how to save money on the mobile communications and how to track your mobile.

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Nov 28 2013

A cash flow calendar statement of a company


   Any company constantly receives and expends funds. The company must plan revenue and expenditure of funds in order to avoid shortages and possible loss for late payment of liabilities. We’ll talk about the specific features of the cash flow calendar today. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 14 2013

Benefits of operating and financial leasing


   As we have already stated earlier, the company should have some fixed assets in order to carry out its activities. There are several ways to obtain the fixed assets of the company, such as purchasing, contribution of shareholders, exchanges and other. A special possibility of assets obtaining through leasing and leasing options we will consider in the present article.

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Oct 23 2013

Economic risks types and definition


     We need to assess all possible risks that may have a negative impact to project before its implementation. Underestimating of certain risks could cause loss of profits or even complete failure of the project. We will talk how to define economic risks in this post. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 07 2013

How to calculate variable and fixed costs in business


     We have repeatedly mentioned that the company carries out a number of costs in the normal course of business. There are different classifications of costs according to the type of resources spent, time of occurrence, etc. We’ll talk about the specific of costs, depending on their characteristics related to the volume of activity today. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 18 2013

How dividends work today


     The main goal of any business is profit. Value of profits is also one of the key performance indicators of the company. However, the resulting company profit is not a profit of its owners (shareholders), as is often the company and shareholders it is a different legal (physical) persons. We will talk about the features of the distribution of profits and how dividends work today. Read the rest of this entry »

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